Can You Guess Which 9 TV Shows These Costumes are From?


On Aug. 2, 2016, the “10th Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design” exhibition opened at the FIDM Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. The exhibition represents this past year in television, and features more than 100 costumes from 23 television shows with eight of those being Emmy-nominated. At the exhibition, you will see costumes from “Game of Thrones,” “American Horror Story: Hotel” and much more.  Featured below are a series of exclusive pictures from inside FIDM Museum.

Can you guess what television show matches up to the following costumes?  


1. Who smells cookies? What show are these costumes featured in?


You got it! The costumes are from “Empire” by Costume Designer Paolo Nieddu.

040416-celebs-empire-cast-season-two(Image credit: BET)

2. Who else is going Gaga over these costumes? What show is this? 


These to die for looks are from “American Horror Story: Hotel” by Costume Designer Lou Eyrich. Nice guess!

lady-gaga-ahs-jpg(Image credit: Fashion & Style)

3. What iconic HBO show are these from? Winter is coming.


And it’s here! These regal creations are from “Game of Thrones” by Costume Designer Michele Clapton.

jon-snow-alive-or-dead-season-6-game-thrones-predictions(Image via: Hollywood Take)

4. “Forgive perhaps. Forget, never.” Do you remember what show these are included in? 


How posh of you! You got it right. It’s “Downtown Abbey” by Costume Designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins.

Television Downton Abbey(Image via: Carnival Film & Television)

5. Transport yourself back in time. What show are these beautifully made costumes from?


You are out of this world! They are from “Outlander” by Costume Designer Terry Dresbach. Nice going.

08-outlander-003.w529.h793(Image via NYMag)

 6. Do you ever feel like your life is like a Telenovela? No..okay…anyways. What show has these vibrant designs? 


¡BUENO! It is none other than “Jane the Virgin” by Costume Designer and FIDM Visual Communications grad, Rachel Sage Kunin.

jane-the-virgin-season-2(Image via Venture Capital Post)



Wow. You should be a new Chanel. You guessed right! It is “Scream Queens” by Costume Designer Lou Eyrich.

0fcb15a35061a8d557ec64dd645074f6(Image via Shop Style Conquer)

8. These costumes are deadly. What popular show are they from? 


Come back to life! You’re right. They are from “The Walking Dead” by Costume Designer Eulyn Womble.

the-walking-dead-episode-601-daryl-reedus-post-1600x600(Image via AMC)

9. Can you solve this mystery? You better head to Baker Street!


Watson is going to write a story about you! You’re a proper detective. These are from “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” by Costume Designer Sarah Arthur.

Sherlock-SpecialPHOTO-EMBARGOED-FOR-USE-UNTIL-1500-BST-3PM-British-Summer-Time-ON-241015-24th-October-2015SherlockXS51MB(Image via Parade)

I bet you are now dying to see all of these live and in person. The exhibition is free to the public and runs until Oct. 15, 2016 with hours from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The FIDM Museum is closed on Sunday and Monday. Learn more about the FIDM Museum here.

All exhibition image credit goes to Benjamin Shmikler/ABImages

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Author: FIDM Staff

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