Know Your Roots: The Arts & Crafts Movement as told by FIDM Graphic Design Student (and Former Stylist) Athena Saridakis

FIDM Graphic Design Student Athena Saridakis appreciates the relevance of historical art movements in modern day graphic design.

“Designers today use various words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas or concepts, just like many earlier civilizations did to communicate their beliefs and express ideas,” she says.

Like other students earning their Graphic Design degree at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Saridakis studies various art movements through courses like Survey of Western Art and History of Design, exploring the history of the arts, architecture, interiors, textiles, graphic design and more.

Charged with the task to compile a report on the Arts and Crafts movement in her History of Design course taught by Graphic Design Instructor Alex Gardos, Saridakis says she was drawn to the movement because it “stood for traditional craftsmanship and simple forms.”

“The Arts and Crafts movement advocated social reform and allowed for the factory workers to work with their hands again and be involved with the entire process of the design,” she says.

With all of the digital options available in a modern world, the topic of organic design processes is certainly relevant for the modern graphic design industry. Brush up on your design history! Read Saridakis’ full report below. (For best viewing experience, click the “expand” button below to view in fullscreen).

Arts & Crafts Design History Report

Saridakis is earning a second degree from FIDM after earning her degree in Visual Communications in 2010. After working in public relations and the fashion industry for two years, she discovered her passion for graphic design and returned to FIDM to study Graphic Design/Branding. Read her story below:

FIDM Graphic Design Student Spotlight

FIDM Graphic Design Student and Visual Communications Alumna, Athena Saridakis.

FIDM Graphic Design Student and Visual Communications Alumna, Athena Saridakis.

As told by Graphic Design/Branding Student, Athena Saridakis:

“I graduated from Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, CA. While I was there, I was in an advanced art class for four years and developed my drawing and design skills there.

Prior to studying Graphic Design at FIDM, I studied Visual Communications at FIDM and graduated in September of 2010.

While at FIDM, I interned at The Anderson Group, a public relations firm in Los Angeles, where I used my computer and styling skills to my full advantage. I soon became head of the interns and was offered a job as an assistant to a publicist, but I graciously declined because of another job opportunity that was offered to me.

Immediately after graduating, I got a job at, an online network and store developed by the creator of E! (Entertainment Television), Alan Mruvka. While I was there, he had me create advertisements, logos, work the entire back-end of the store, and manage all the celebrity clients and suppliers. Soon, I was running the entire website. I immediately realized my passion for graphic design and decided to go back to FIDM for a degree in that!

 “I immediately realized my passion for graphic design and decided to go back to FIDM for a degree in that!”

My previous degree in Visual Communications helps me in every project that I do! I really mastered the use of the Adobe® Suite while doing visual communications and when I do designs for graphics, I am very happy that I learned all the tricks, tools, and shortcuts in my first degree, because I get to really focus on the design itself and making sure everything is sequential.

What I enjoy most about the Graphic Design program so far is that each and every one of my teachers is a professional working in the industry and they all know the tricks of the trade! Working with talented professionals like them is very exciting! You learn something new every day!

Upon graduating, I would like to pursue a career as a creative director for a design firm or for a magazine. I would like to use my design skills however I can and I am looking forward to working my way up the ladder!”

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