Are Emojis Taking Over The World? See What The Future Holds


When texting a friend, it is rare to use regular characters to talk about what is going on. These days, words are being taken over by our little Emoji caricature friends that make our conversations just that little bit more interesting. But has it come so far that Emojis are taking over our English language? Better yet, are they taking over the world?
Artist Able Parris has taken this idea on and created a series called #emojidaydream which he features on his Instagram account, @ableparris. These pieces show just how omnipresent the emoji language is and what a world would be like if these digital beings permeate the IRL space.

This is what the world may look like if the world became emoji infiltrated:

emoji2 emoji3 emoji5 emoji6 emogi4















(Images by: Able Parris)

Is the emoji language the next big form of communication? Will it take over life as we know it? I guess only time will tell.


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Author: FIDM Staff

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