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Although we have discussed typography many times in the past, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that not all typography is simply fonts or static illustration. Animation gives a whole new life to static designs and allows for many more possibilities. We recently stumbled across Animography and were blown away by the quality of the motion graphics work. Some of these typefaces are even available to download for free as an After Effects file. Typography is just one of many areas of study for those earning their Graphic Design, or Digital Media degree at FIDM / Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Animography is a webshop/typefoundry that provides motion designers, video-editors and others in the field of the moving image with animated typefaces. These animated typefaces are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of quality. Their typefaces are After Effects files with all the paths, keyframes, and expressions exposed. Animography even allows users to submit their animated typefaces to sell on their website. Below you can find some of our favorite animated typefaces they have available.


Andodine animated typeface

“Anodine is a vibrant springy typeface. It’s straight lines and elastic motion, form an interesting contrast. The typeface includes the characters A to Z and 0 to 9, but has no special characters or punctuation. Anodine comes in a free and an extended version. Besides a difference in customizable features, they also differ in the amount of copies within each file. With the free version you can only create one look, but with the extended version you can have up to 9 different looks.”

Nicolas Lichtle –

Binary 2.0


“Binary 2.0 is the new, improved, expanded and animated version of Binary, a typeface by Maria Jose Torrrero Heredia. She and Calango teamed up to create an animated & static typeface that comes in solid and outlined flavours. This typeface also features extensive punctuation, which is pretty rare for a display-typeface, especially an animated one.”

Jeroen Krielaars –
Maria Jose Torrrero Heredia

Fat Frank


“FatFrank is a big-boned and friendly typeface that comes in animated and static versions.”

Jeffrey Schreiber –
Oliver Dead –

Franchise (Free!)


“Franchise Animated is an animated typeface by 1 type designer and 110 animators. For this specific animated typeface we have round up 110 talented animators from all over the world. We asked every animator to pick a glyph and animate it using no more than 4 colors, 25 frames and a 500 x 600 px canvas in Adobe After Effects. The animators had complete freedom to work their magic within those 25 frames. The result is a wide variety of styles and techniques. The color palette and letterforms tie it all together.”

To see a full list of the 110 animators click here.


Typogami (Free!)


“When typography and origami make sweet love, after nine months you’ll end up with Typogami. Typogami is a unique display-typeface with 2.5D functionality.”

Jeroen Krielaars –

Brand Reel

Be sure to check out Animograpgy’s brand reel for some great motion graphics inspiration!


How To Use These Animated Typefaces

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to share with you this short tutorial on how to use one of these fantastic animated typefaces.


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