A Whole New World: A Look Inside Virtual Reality with Jake Black


Recently, FIDM Digital Media students were visited by Jake Black, the Head of Virtual Reality at award-winning entertainment marketing agency, Create Advertising. Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment through which viewers are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds rather than viewing through a screen in front of them.  The technological advance is dubbed “the future of mobile video” by Tech Crunch.

Black’s job is essentially to create out-of-this-world VR experiences in order to help aid in the marketing of movies. One huge project that sent him around the world is the collaboration with a full-length feature film titled “The Walk,” starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. FIDM Digital Media Students participated in an intimate discussion with Black about his VR experience during which he shared career advice and top tips for creating VR experiences.

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Tips (and Career Advice) for Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

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Photo Aug 26, 4 53 37 PM

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Black also shared his best tips for excelling in the Virtual Reality industry.

Photo Aug 26, 5 01 48 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 05 18 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 07 40 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 08 44 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 12 14 PM


Photo Aug 26, 5 39 54 PM

Photo Aug 26, 5 39 57 PM

Create Advertising is an award-winning entertainment marketing agency recognized for its work developing film trailers, television spots and other audio visual material used in entertainment marketing. The company has worked with almost every major studio on high-profile campaigns for some of the most successful worldwide blockbusters in recent memory, among them “The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2,” “The Lego Movie,” “Thor: The Dark World,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and much more.  Did you know, FIDM has an abundance of Digital Media Grads working at Create Advertising? Jonathan Gitlin is a Partner and President of Television & Gaming. Read more on him here.

Learn more about FIDM’s Digital Media program here. 

Image credit goes to Samsung, Create, Silicon Beat, Tech Crunch , Road to VR

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Author: FIDM Staff

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