A Parisian Experience: Interview with Designer Lucile Lesueur


FIDM Graphic Design Graduate, Lucile Lesueur is a freelance illustrator, print designer, and fashion designer out of Paris, France. This quirky artist has worked in the fashion industry for the past six years, and collaborates with huge names like Disney, Levi’s, and DKNY.  Whether she is creating children’s clothing or sketching up a fabulous re-creation of a designer look, Lesueur is always challenging herself creatively. The FIDM Digital Arts team had the opportunity to ask Lesueur about her FIDM Journey, creative process and career ambitions in this exclusive Q&A.


[FIDM Digital Arts]Coming from the FIDM Graphic Design program, what made you want to get into the textile world?


[Lesueur] “Before I studied at FIDM, I actually majored in Fashion & Textile Design at a college in France, which is where I am originally from. Therefore, combining my graphic design skills with my fashion ones was an easy transition when I came to FIDM. I am also obsessed with patterns and mixing them together, so I guess working in that field was inevitable.”

[FIDM Digital Arts]What inspires your drawings?


“The world around me. Yes, I know it seems to be a very cliche answer, but I like to collect pictures from the internet, books and magazines to use for inspiration boards. These boards help to inspire my sketches and designs. I also love watching and drawing people passing by when I sit at a cafe or in the subway. I think a lot of people are very inspiring in the way they dress, move, mix colors and patterns. I also think that traveling is very inspiring. Unfortunately, I do not travel as much as I want to, but I love to bring a lot of pictures, packaging and magazines back from the countries I visit. It’s important to be a big “sponge” in order to absorb as many of the inspiring visuals as possible. I always aim to extract what’s good and make my own mix with it.”

[FIDM Digital Arts]What is the process like behind creating your drawings?


“I always carry a sketchbook with me to take notes and doodles of what could be interesting to do. Usually, I do research and look at inspirational pictures. Then, it often starts with a quick sketch to find the good composition, pause, colors, etc. Once the client is happy with it, I usually do the final illustration in Adobe Photoshop.”

[FIDM Digital Arts]What is your favorite part about the world of design? 


“I love the fact that you can go from a blank page to something real. It is amazing to get to work on very different projects while meeting other creative people who took different paths to get there. It’s also very satisfying and rewarding to eventually see people wearing your designs.”

[FIDM Digital Arts]How has your time at FIDM helped your career?


“FIDM taught me a lot about myself. I was fortunate enough to meet really good teachers who gave me really good advice. I learned how to organize my time, while constantly working on different projects at the same time. Most importantly, I was able to work on my presentation and speech skills. I think it’s important to be a good designer, but it’s equally as important to know how to explain your work.”

[FIDM Digital Arts]Do you have any advice for FIDM Students interested in the world of design?


“Be curious and passionate. Do not ever think everything is acquired. Do not count the hours! You’re a designer 24/7, you never know when the good idea is going to come. Above all, have fun and love what you do!”

(Images via Lucile Lesueur)

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Author: FIDM Staff

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