A Look Inside the World of Graphic Designer Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French graphic designer and artist based out of London. Her minimalist approach fuses two-dimensional design and illustration, which results in compelling digital imagery with a punch. Favre’s works have landed her clients such as Sephora, The New Yorker and Vogue Magazine.



Favre’s journey is so inspiring, and one that many FIDM Students can relate to. When first leaving school, Favre went to study physics and math, and quickly realized the path of an engineer was not for her. She decided to embrace her artistic abilities and explore a more creative career at ENSAAMA Art School in Paris, where she studied Graphic Design and Advertising. After college, Favre worked at a design studio for five years, and saved up enough money to set out on her own as a full-time freelance illustrator.


Favre’s illustrations are so interesting because of her use of negative and positive space. Her images are full of bright colors and contrasting shapes that create fun compositions for visual inspiration. Whether it’s online or in print, her artwork is constantly pushing the boundaries. Her story is one of great success that shows how pursuing your passions will lead to a fulfilling career doing what you love most!

June_image1 Stockholm__image2

See more of Favre’s work here.

Information via Creative Boom.

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Author: Chloe

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