7 Visually Dynamic Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: The City of Angels 

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This vibrant, exciting and progressive city is home to so many stunning landmarks. From Griffith Observatory, to Walt Disney Concert Hall, to LACMA, the amount of places to see are endless. Luckily, FIDM is located in the heart of this great city. Students have a wide variety of architecture, art scenes, ocean views, mountain ranges, fashion destinations and cultural hubs at their finger tips at all times.  With that being said, we have put together a list of seven extraordinarily beautiful places in LA. Happy exploring!

1. The Broad


fidm-digital-arts-the-broad-mirror-room(via thebroad.com)

The Broad is a new contemporary art museum in DTLA. Within the museum, there are more than 2,000 works of art. Between the mirror room, America sign and balloon dog, it is perhaps one of the most Instagram-able places in LA. Learn more here.

2. Melrose Avenue Photo Walls 

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fidm-digital-arts-melrose-avenue(via staceyannloves.com)

Melrose Avenue is filled with amazing places to take pictures. Paul Smith’s pink wall and Cisco Home’s Made in LA wall are among the most popular. Learn more about other Instagram-able places here.

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall 

fidm-digital-arts-walt-disney-concert-hall(via deasypenner.com)
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The Walt Disney concert hall  was launched in 1987, when Lillian Disney, widow of Walt Disney, donated $50 million. However, the doors did not open until 2003.  The LA Philharmonic showcases their classical, contemporary, world and jazz music talents in this extraordinary location. It is located right next to The Broad in DTLA. Learn more here. 


fidm-digital-arts-lacma(via photography.redeoutdoor.com)
fidm-digital-arts-lacma-rainroom(via lamag.com)

With over 150,000 works, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western hemisphere. The Rain Room is just one of the astounding exhibits LACMA has on hand. They also currently have a Guillermo del Toro exhibit. Check out more about LACMA here.

5. Griffith Park 

fidm-digital-arts-hollywood(via mylifesamovie.com)
fidm-digital-arts-griffith-observatory-2(via TravelDigg.com)fidm-digital-arts-griffith-observatory(via discoverlosangeles.com)

Griffith Park is full of beautiful sights. Hiking to the Hollywood sign, exploring the Observatory and seeing concerts at the Greek Theater are just a few of the fun things to see and do. Get ready to make a day of it.  Read more here.

6. US Bank Building 


fidm-digital-arts-us-bank-dtla-2(via usbanktower.com)

Located in the heart of DTLA, the US Bank building not only has a fantastic view of Los Angeles, but also an epic transparent slide flying high above the busy downtown streets. Learn more about visiting it here. 

7.  Getty Center 

97c47f7f0dcde23d9cf1e91d68c9e837(via refinery29.comfidm-digital-getty-center445(via modernlaliving.comfidm-digital-arts-getty-center(via newdesignfile.com)

The Getty Center is an epic LA right-of-passage that is a must-see for all who come/live here.  You can experience incredible food, lectures, performances, films, family events, and more. In addition, it is the perfect place to come to take scenic pictures. Dive into the Getty world here.

dtla-at-dawn(via themarkeworld.com)

We hope this inspires you to get out and explore everything LA has to offer!

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Author: FIDM Staff

Whitney Sutherland recently graduated from FIDM's Merchandising & Marketing program. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a social media enthusiast, a health nut, a passionate writer, and a lover of life.

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