7 Animation Films To Make The Perfect Movie Night

Animation gives individuals full creativity to let their imaginations fly on screen. With a team full of animators, a vision can be turned to life through cutting edge graphics way beyond our control. Many of these animation films have won awards for their stunning graphics and sentimental plot, making the perfect movie night to enjoy! Check out my pick of the top seven animation films that are always great to watch.


(Image via Lightstorm Entertainment)

1. “Avatar”

In the stunningly beautifully animated film “Avatar,” Jake Sully, a paraplegic Marine is sent onto the alien planet Pandora through an Avatar to help the human race understand this foreign species. Along the way he falls for a Na’vi woman named Neytiri and she helps him discover the true intentions of his army. This film has won numerous awards and for good reason, James Cameron’s creativity truly shines through as you see into his imagination through the world he created.  


(Image via Pixar

2. “Up”

This 2009 film stole the hearts of many when Carl Fredricksen and his unexpected companion Russell take off, literally, on the journey of a lifetime in search of Paradise Falls.  As they travel towards the South American wilderness, the animation is not only striking, but it also draws you in and makes you feel connected with the characters and their emotions. The transformation in the animation from Carl’s drab, uncolorful life in the city to his picturesque and bright journey to Paradise falls is undeniable and portrays Carl’s inner journey as well.


(Image via Pixar)

3. “Brave”

Merida, a Scottish princess, is tired of her duties to the crown. She decides she no longer wants to act proper and wants to pursue her dream of becoming an archer. Feeling resistance from her royal family, she reaches out to a witch for help and soon finds herself fighting for self-discovery and her family. The scenes of the deep Scottish woods and rolling cliffs make this animated film a work of art. The inspiring story line and remarkable landscape animations make this a must see.


(Image via Disney

4. “Tangled”

This tale follows the story of a lost princess with her fate changed forever by a sly, clever thief named Flynn Rider. They journey away from her tower in search of the floating lights that Rapunzel desperately wants to see. This film is known for its spectacular attention to detail in the animation, from Rapunzel’s hair to the floating lanterns.


(Image via Dreamworks Animation

5. “How to Train Your Dragon”

Hiccup, a bit of a misfit in the Viking clan, is tossed into the dragon fighting arena. He discovers an injured dragon named toothless and soon realizes that dragons are not the enemy. This film is known for its animation with soaring views and intense fight scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


(Image via Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon

6. “Rango”

After Rango goes from the life of being a simple house pet to being on his own in the desert, he must find his true identity in order to survive. The intense chase scenes and the heat waves of the desert make this animation really come to life. The creativity that went into designing these desert animals is truly phenomenal. With Johnny Depp as Rango, this film is one for the books.


(Image via Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon

7. “The Adventures of Tintin”

Tintin, a young reporter, buys a model ship, only to discover the true meaning behind the boat, and begin a race against time and evil to keep it out of the wrong hands. This epic adventure boasts realistic scenes that jump out at you through the screen. This comic strip-turned movie is truly a work of art.

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Author: Laura Gedeon

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