5 Dynamic Illustrators Who Will Inspire Your Next Creation



1. pictorial matter used to explain or decorate a text

Illustration: you either have the capabilities to excel at it or you do not. With that being said, whether you are an expert portrait artist or just really great at drawing stick figures, you have to admit that seeing visual dynamic illustrations can spark inspiring creativity. Keep scrolling to see extraordinary talent from FIDM Students, grads and professionals alike.

1. Amber Day : Ollie Harper Studio




Freelance fashion and lifestyle illustrator and Visual Communications Graduate Amber Day has released the adult coloring book, Sanctuary, which features various living spaces. In regards to what she loves about illustration she has this to say: ” I love the freedom to create something out of nothing using only a pen and paper. As an illustrator, I have the ability to tell a story using only an image and the best part is leaving just enough blank space to let your imagination tell the rest. “ Learn more about Amber here.

2. Sally Spratt: THE LUST LIST




Sally works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who has worked with  Australian Traveller Magazine, Healthy Food Guide and Oasis Active. Her illustrations serve as every bit of inspiration that you could ever need in the fashion/luxury industry. Learn more about Sally here. 

3. Lucile Lesueur




FIDM Graphic Design Graduate, Lucile Lesueur, is a freelance illustrator, print and fashion designer out of Paris, France. This quirky artist has worked in the fashion industry for the past six years, and collaborates with huge names like Disney, Levi’s and DKNY. Read more about her here.

4. Edgar Artis




Up-and-coming designer Edgar Artis is a young Armenian fashion illustrator that uses unconventional materials, landscapes and surfaces to bring his women’s apparel designs to life. See more of his work here. 

5. Elsa Chang

fidm-digital-arts-elsa-chang-1 fidm-digital-arts-elsa-chang-2 fidm-digital-arts-elsa-chang-3

Elsa Chang is currently a Character Designer at Dreamworks TV Animation. In the past she has worked for Nickelodeon, Paramount, Sony & Walt Disney Feature Animation TalDev. See more of her work here.

All image credit goes to the talented illustrators featured in this post.

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Author: FIDM Staff

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