5 Awesome Typographers to Follow on Instagram

Are you looking for some fun design inspiration on your Instagram feed? We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest typographers and hand lettering designers on the scene. Check these five Instagram portfolios for your daily dose of type!

1. Gemma O’Brien


Gemma O’Brien fuses together type design and illustration to create intricate masterpieces. She’s got an eye for detail that makes her style extremely unique. Take a look at her page to check out her hand painted murals.

 2. Lauren Saylor


FIDM Grad Lauren Saylor specializes in hand lettering and gorgeous calligraphy. Her Instagram page is full of soft pastels and pretty photos that are sure to put you in a dream state.  Check out her blog, A Fabulous Fete. 

3. Mark van Leeuwen

FIDM-typography-markvanleeuwnMark van Leeuwen is a lettering artist with a minimal aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes. His page has an old school feel for with a natural touch.

4. Lauren Hom


Lauren Hom is a lettering and type designer whose works are filled with bright color palettes and whimsical letterforms. Her Instagram page is sure to bring a touch of fun to your day.

5. Scott Biersack


Scott Biersack is an illustrator and graphic designer that specializes in typography and hand lettering. He’s got a versatile page with a mixture of complicated letterforms and inspiring work in progress shots.


Make sure to follow these artists to bring a little life to your Instagram feed!

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Author: Chloe

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