Lifestyle Brand Strategies Projects: FIDM Graphic Design Students Dazzle

Lim_Misty_Portfolio_F1200_SP2018_Page_09FIDM Graphic Design students conducted an in-depth consumer, market, and trend research on two brands to develop creative support and promotions in their Lifestyle Brand Strategies course this Spring 2018 quarter. They identified opportunities and developed an unique brand positioning plan for a partnership between the two companies. This process allowed realistic scenarios, typical of a fast paced creative agency, while also they also learned the true nature of brands, brand building and longevity.

At the beginning of the quarter, the students randomly selected an entertainment property and a consumer brand which they then researched and developed a campaign that will work for this fictitious mash-up of ideas for the rest of the quarter. Each campaign began with research into the brands and audience which then led into a strategy that included a unique logo, tagline, art, media promotion, product, instore graphics, online presence, activations, and any additional concepts the designer could justify for the brand collaboration. A final presentation of brand strategies, marketing plan, a consumer activation, and creative execution was presented to a panel of experts for feedback.

Keep scrolling to take a look at the final presentations of the Graphic Design students work.

Julian Alvarez

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Misty Lim

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Fabio Gomez

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Author: FIDM Staff

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