2014 Graphic Design Trends: K-Pop Craze


Funky and brightly colored elements in branding an apparel graphics are shaping a predominant 2014 graphic design trend according to leading forecast and analysis company, Stylesight.

“The rise of Asia’s youth culture has put numerous K-Pop artists in the spotlight and their fashion, style and persona are beginning to influence the Junior market across the globe,” states Stylesight in its Prints & Graphics/Original Prints- Pop Craze forecast report. “Inspired by the K-Pop scene, this collection features kitsch heart, star and comic book motifs and pairs neon with bubblegum hues for a look that truly pops!”

Graphic design elements that define this trend include:

  • Influenced by the K-Pop trend
  • Loud, bright and playful
  • Short quirky slogans
  • Graphic smiley face elements
  • Onomatopoeias, half tone and comic strip scenes
  • Use of sequins, glitter and embellishments
  • Kitsch Japanese cartoons
  • Black keylines
  • Clashing prints

See examples below:

2014 Graphic Design Trends: K-Pop

2014 Graphic Design Trends:  Stylesight spots Kpop Craze in apparel graphics.

2014 Graphic Design Trends: Stylesight spots Kpop Craze in apparel graphics.

Above: 1 ICMAD award-winning “Zing!” packaging design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Student Tiffany Matthews // 2 South Korean girl pop band 2NE1. Image source // 3 Vital blue basic cap by Hats On // 4 Supreme/Vans shoe collaboration via KicksonFire.com // 5  Loveless Dress by Hellz // 6 Woodstock muscle tee by Stussy

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