Graphic Design Inspiration: 14 Graphic Designers Who Shine Creative Brilliance

When it comes to keeping up with the latest graphic design trends, these graphic designers sure know how to mix it up creatively. With graphic design being an ever changing field, new artistic pieces pop up on the scene thanks to these imaginative designers. From Alexandra Bruel to Jessica Hische, check out these 10 designers who are known for their innovative style.

1. Petros Afshar

Petros Afshar

(Image via Petros Afshar)

With clients including Nike and Red Bull, the U.K.-based designer specializes in typography and illustrations sure to wow the public. Check out Afshar’s Behance, where you can see his illustrations of “Star Wars” villains with a video bringing the Dark Side back to life.

2. Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische


(Image via Jessica Hische)

The San Francisco-based designer has a flair for typography, illustration and design. With her creative charm, she has worked with major Hollywood Director Wes Anderson, designing the logo for “Moonrise Kingdom.” See more of her work on her website.

3. Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich

(Image via Erik Marinovich)

The co-founder of typography blog Friends of Type, Marinovich stuns when it comes to designing letters. His style of type is tactile and carefully crafted to detail. Check out more of Marinovich’s crafted typography on his website.

4. Juri Zaech

Juri Zaech

(Image via Juri Zaech)

Zaech specializes in typography, creating a visual masterpiece through letters around objects. The Swiss art director is currently living in France working in the advertising industry. In his spare time, he creates new letters meant to amaze viewers. See more of Zaech’s typography on his Behance.

5. Nicholas Felton

Nicholas Felton

(Image via Nicholas Felton)

With a specialty for infographics, Felton knows how to make facts appealing to the viewer’s eye. His designs are meticulous with a diverse sense of craftsmanship. Check out more of Felton’s infographics on his website.

6. Brian Persico

Brian Persico

(Image via Brian Persico)

Persico specializes in industrial design, transforming common-day objects into works of art. His creations take an original approach to graphic design, using techniques from the past to create future looks. Peruse more of Persico’s traditional art on his website.

7. Alexandra Bruel

Alexandra Bruel


(Image via Alexandra Bruel)

Because clay is for adults too, the Paris-based graphic artist has caused quite a stir with her claymation art. She has redesigned popular products from brands Coca Cola and Missoni  into clay masterpieces. Check out her Behance for more of her work.

8. Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez


(Image via Nicole Martinez)

Martinez aims toward the cute factor when creating her adorable designs. She creates original artwork that ranges from quirky cartoon characters to paying tribute to pop culture icons. See more of Martinez’s work on her Behance.

9. Zim & Zou

Zim & Zou

(Image via Zim & Zou)

Artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann teamed up to create a match made in paper called Zim & Zou. Their work explores graphic design through the art of paper sculpture, illustration and installation. Check out more of their work on Behance.

10. Tom Muller

Tom Muller

(Image via Tom Muller)

Muller is the epitome of a Renaissance man as he designs for technology startups, movie studios and ad agencies. His designs are cutting edge with a pop art feel to emulate boldness. See more of Muller’s work on his website.

11. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh

(Image via Jessica Walsh)

Walsh specializes in making art come to life through her three-dimensional creations. She has great prominence within the graphic design community, being named Computer Arts’ “Top Rising Star in Design.” Check out more of Walsh’s lifelike work on her Behance.

12. David Carson

David Carson

(Image via David Carson)

Carson does not do basic with his “dirty” style of typography and illegible writing. His surf-themed creations are a mish mosh of photography, design and type. See more of Carson’s work on his website.

13. Kronk



(Image via Kronk)

Don’t pull the lever yet until you see the Johannesburg-based designer’s playful creations. Kronk ventures into toy design along with comics of life events. Check out more of Kronk’s work on his Behance.

14. Dan Cassaro

Dan Cassaro

(Image via Dan Cassaro)

Cassaro has a niche for lettering and logo design inspired by the 1970s rock and roll revolution. His work has received praise from Fast Company, the New Yorker and Time Magazine. Find out more about Casaro’s musically inspired work on his website.

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