Graphic Design Inspiration: 14 Packages by FIDM Grads Worth the Purchase

Packaging design is essential for businesses in capturing the attention of a buyer. When an individual peruses the aisles in a market, they often grab products that have an appealing package with bright colors and beautiful graphics. In order to stop customers in their tracks, FIDM Graphic Design Students put their creativity to the test by designing package displays for products.

Check out 10 of their packaging designs that would make you want to walk straight to checkout.

1. Izze Sparkling Water designed by Ho Yu Cheng

Ho Yu Cheng


2. Jumex Mango Nectar Juice designed by Jennifer Oukh

Jennifer Oukh


3. Josie Maran Cosmetics designed by Joe Mascheroni

Joe Mascheroni


4. Mamma Chia Strawberry Lemonade designed by Kimberly Tieu

Kimberly Tieu


5. Maestro Beauty Products designed by Meng-Chun Chien

Meng-Chun Chien


6. Scoopz Ice Cream designed by Paul Jaime

Paul Jaime


7. Hell-Of-Pain-Yo Jalapeños designed by Steven Solis

Steven Solis


8. Hansen’s Natural Juice designed by Vanessa Ghaffari

Vanessa Ghaffari


9. Milk Alt. Pops designed by PJ Piñeda

PJ Piñeda


10. Starbucks Massimo Coffee designed by Raz Miyara

Raz Miyara


11. Clinique Beauty Products designed by Katie Swadener

Katie Swadener


12. Birdrock Coffee designed by Jonathan Milian

Jonathan Milan


13. Beau Visage Hydro Boost designed by Brenda Gonzalez

Brenda Gonzalez


14. Stumptown Coffee designed by Inbeom Jeong

Inbeom Jeong


Like these packaging designs? Check out more of them here.

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