FIDM Students Interpret Love in 10 Inspiring Design Installations

What is love?

It’s question that been around for a long time and interpreted in many ways. FIDM Visual Communication Students recently demonstrated their interpretations of love in the form of visual window installations.

The FIDM Visual Communications program is known for its large variety of career path options. One course offered at FIDM is Design Installation though which students use their rendering and marketing skills to create a real-world project. In collaboration with each other, students must come up with  an idea relating to the theme of their instructor’s choosing in order to promote a product.

Last quarter the students were asked to complete the phrase of “Love is …” in the spirit of the Valentines Day season. Below, see our top 10 favorite window displays designed by FIDM Visual Communications Students.

Theme: Love Is.... A Balancing Act

Theme: Love Is.... Never Wanting To Spend Time Apart

Theme: Love Is.... A Life Sentence

Theme: Love Is.... When He Leaves You Love Notes On The Fridge

Theme: Love Is.... Your World Upside Down

Theme: Love Is.... Amazing

Theme: Love Is.... Possessions

Love Is…  Blind

Love Is…  Torture

Design Installation

“Love is…”


Lo Presti


Rachel Aguilar

Kelly Betts

Alyssa Lowe

Alexandria Panuccio

Anna Chang

Amy Lee

Yvette Mercado

Catherine Ortega

May Wu

Jasmin Brockett

Hannah Buhr

Dominic Dagondon

Sierra Stoker

Kylie Sundstrom

Erin Gabel

Allena Heng

Caroline Kvaas

Laura Mariano

Brianna Navarro

Shannen Robinson

Jess Aurell

Lindsey Jenkins

Kristen Mark

Morgan Vanderwall

Jaelin White

Alexis Clavell

Madison Flores

Darian Patel

Ileana Gonzalez

Isabella Ledesma

America Muscio

Emily Roesli

Kyle Dallape

Kimberly Douglas

Kirsten Mikkelson

Sam Del Mar

Angeline Galvez

Lesli Gonzalez

McCall Minnor

Bianca Penuelas

Hannah Tyler

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Author: Natalie Castaneda

Visual Communications Major and Social Media Intern

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