10 Famous Logos Re-Envisioned by FIDM Students

Recognize these logos? They may look a tad bit different from what is seen in the real world. FIDM Graphic Design Students were assigned a project to redesign well-known companies’ logos and transform them into their own interpretation. In their designs, they were given a choice on which logo to use and free range to activate their imagination. They also had to place the logos on products to advertise their business. As a result, students envisioned a variety of artistic ways to recreate popular logos in their own interpretation.

Check out 10 of their best logos:

1. Pringles by Alexander Jimenez

Pringles by Alexander Jimenez


2. Pandora Radio by Bailey Arnold

Pandora Radio by Bailey Arnold


3. Ticketmaster by Ben Guzman

TicketMaster Ben Guzman


4. Soulcycle by Natalie Chavez

Soul Cycle by Natalie Chavez


5. Stumptown Coffee by Inbeom Jeong 

Stumptown Coffee by Inbeom Jeong


6. Boston Celtics by Angela Hartano

Boston Celtics by Angelica Hartano


7. H2O Coconut Water by Nick Guzman

H20 Coconut Water by Nick Guzman


8. Lyft by Jacqueline Smith

Lyft by Jacqueline Smith


9. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts by Hana Brenner-Katz

Krispy Kreme by Hana Brenner-Katz


10. Waze by Chloe White

Waze by Chloe White



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Author: Elana Yaffa

Should probably stop spending all her money on food, concerts and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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