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ABOUT FIDMDigitalArts.com

The FIDMDigitalArts.com Blog serves to build an online presence reflecting FIDM’s reputation as a leading educational institution for graphic design and digital media by developing compelling content that informs and inspires both professionals and aspiring graphic designers and filmmakers. The FIDMDigitalArts.com Blog illustrates the range of opportunities within digital media and graphic design fields, and how FIDM’s Digital Media and Graphic Design programs prepare students for their future careers within these industries.

The content of the FIDMDigitalArts.com Blog is structured to support the mission of FIDM and its Digital Media and Graphic Design programs:


FIDM’s focused curriculum integrates creative and leadership skills to develop graduates for the global industries of Fashion, Visual Arts, Interior Design, and Entertainment. Combined with these skills, FIDM Graduates value ethical choices, demonstrate an awareness of cultural diversity, communicate effectively, think critically, and possess the knowledge of technology essential to their professions. Explore what FIDM is all about at www.fidm.edu.

ABOUT FIDM’S Digital Media Major:

FIDM’S Digital Media Program teaches a synergistic approach to modern technologies and trains students to blend sight, sound, and motion seamlessly. The Digital Media Program is designed to build specific skill sets that provide a strong foundation of general knowledge. Students emerge with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the production workflow, from pre-production through post-production. The program focused on editing, sound design, digital composition, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, production and story structure. Our graduates are complete digital artists who have learned their crafts in the context of creative expression and are prepared for specialized careers in the industry. Explore more work by FIDM Digital Media Alumni on this site and at www.fidmdigitalarts.com and learn more about the FIDM Digital Media program at www.fidm.edu.

To view examples of student work, watch our web series:

  • FIDM 360: a campus “news show” that dives into topics like on-campus fashion trends and student activities at FIDM, and industry updates from the entertainment, graphic design and digital media industries produced by FIDM’s Digital Media department.
  • In the Lab:  a web series that takes you behind the scenes of a day in the life of FIDM Digital Media and Graphic Design Students and Alumni. Check out these young designers and film-makers, who share their stories and their best practices.
  • Take 5:  Take five with FIDMDigitalArts.com to get inspired, to get motivated, to get inside the minds of creative professionals. Join FIDMDigitalArts.com as we take five minutes to interview film directors, graphic artists, composers, illustrators, 3-D modelers, creative directors, motion graphics designers, photographers and other intriguing industry pros.

ABOUT FIDM’s Graphic Design Majors:

FIDM’s Graphic Design Branding Option stimulates creative expression in all aspects of print media, including logo development, corporate identity, product branding and licensing, packaging, collateral material, and graphics for apparel products to facilitate the creation of design. The Graphic Design Entertainment Option studies the components and techniques of a successful entertainment campaign using extensive research to create and develop theatrical key art for the entertainment industry. Both options emphasize problem-solving, effective communication, professionalism, and critical reasoning to strengthen the students’ abilities to compete in this global industry. Explore more work by FIDM Graphic Design Alumni on this site and at www.fidmdigitalarts.com and learn more about the FIDM Digital Media program at www.fidm.edu.

To view examples of student work, get lost in our Graphic Design Portfolio section (updated quarterly).

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Hello! My name is Mani O’Brien and I am a graphic designer, writer, and FIDM Graphic Design/Branding Alumna. When I’m not writing about inspirational graphic design, digital media, movie posters, trailers, motion graphics, print and packaging for the FIDMDigitalArts.com Blog, I am working on freelance projects like publication, logo and web design. You can browse my portfolio here. Follow my tweets here, and feel free to drop me a line [mo’brien@fidm.edu] any time.


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